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Light Rail Forum

From: Dennis Whitfield

Current Agenda for Thursday Feb 26th

1) Introduction by Cam Robertson

2) Talk by T-2000 - Tim Lane + David Jeanes

3) Talk by RMOC - Pamela Sweet

4) Possible talk by Canadian Light Rail Manufacturer

5) Q & A Session - Moderator John Lacherty (sp?) CBC Radio - note
it will be taped

Probable Panel members

Barbara Ramsay - Board of Trade and long time supporter of Light Rail

Harry Gow VP of Transport-2000 who is also bilingual

Helen Galt or someone else from OC-Transpo

Pamela Sweet from the RMOC Planning Department 

Possible Business Developer

Possible Community Association

Myself Dennis Whitfield - Auto-Free Ottawa

Doors open at 6:30 PM and Forum starts at 7:30

The Elwood Room is quite large and is right near the main doors
of the Jim Durrell Recreation Centre 1265 Walkley road, accesible
by OC Transpo #1 and #8

AFO volunteers are needed to help set up and maintain an info table.

Please pass this message on to interested groups 

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