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Demonstrate Against Albright Tue. 4pm

Demonstration Against the Visit of Madeleine Albright to Ottawa

TUESDAY, MARCH 10, Corner of Metcalfe & Wellington, 4:00 pm

The Ad-Hoc Committee Against U.S. War Preparations in the Gulf
has called a demonstration for Tuesday, March 10 at 4:00 pm in
front of the U.S. Embassy, at the corner of Wellington &
Metcalfe, to oppose the visit of U.S. Secretary of State
Madeleine Albright to Ottawa from March 9-10.

According to a communique issued by Foreign Affairs, Albright's
visit "provides an important opportunity for both countries to
exchange views on a broad range of international topics".
Canadians are not informed on the actual topics of discussion.
Albright will meet with Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Foreign
Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy and Defence Minister Art
Eggleton. Last time Chrétien and Clinton held discussions,
Chrétien pledged the support of Canadian forces for U.S.
aggression against Iraq. Albright is now on a world tour to gain
support for the U.S. position that it can unilaterally bomb Iraq
if the U.S. believes it is violating the terms of the deal
reached between the United Nations and Iraq. She is also calling
for support of the NATO countries for an intervention in Kosovo.
Speaking in Paris on March 8, Albright called on NATO members to
"stop violence in that region by acting with firmness, unity and
speed. Moral condemnation and symbolic gestures of concern alone
will get us nowhere". Will Chrétien now commit Canadian forces to
intervene in Kosovo?

In calling a demonstration against the visit of Albright to
Ottawa, the Ad Hoc Committee calls on all Canadians to express
their concerns about the course the U.S. is pushing according to
which Might Makes Right and all countries must submit to its
dictate, and about Canada's foreign policy.

Ad Hoc Committee Against U.S. War Preparations in the Gulf
For more information call (613) 236-9570 or e-mail rr@magma.ca
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