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Ottawa PIRGs endorse "10 reasons against the MAI"

The NAI-Not! Project with OPIRG-Carleton and OPIRG-Ottawa is pleased to add
those two organizations to the list endorsing the "10 reasons to oppose the
MAI," and looks forward to participating in events for "Speak our against
the MAI" week.

In addition, we will have our own event in Ottawa, Thursday at 7pm which
asks, "MAI? Tell us why?" and targets the government's extreme reluctance
to publicize its own MAI proposal. We're meeting on Tuesday to get ready
(all details below). We will release the first results of our
ground-breaking MP survey on the MAI at this demonstration. We are pleased
to note that this survey is also being conducted in New Zealand!!

Does your MP get an
on the M.A.I?

What: demonstration 

Where: outside the Congress Centre on Colonel By Drive 

When: Thursday March 19th, 6pm to 7pm


The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) and Financial Services
Agreement (FSA) are two important proposals that are being negotiated by
many countries, including Canada, behind closed doors. 

The MAI would allow transnational corporations to sue governments directly
for huge settlements, thereby crippling the ability of all levels of
government to implement laws in the public interest. Meanwhile, the FSA
would commit Canada forever to opening up its financial sector to foreign
interests. The MAI and FSA would be a "one-two punch" to Canada's sovereignty.

In response, as part of "Speak Out against the MAI Week," we will hold up a
huge row of large "report cards" for delegates to see as they arrive at the
Liberal Policy Con-vention (March 19-22) at the Congress Centre. The cards
will "grade" Members of Parliament as to their performance on our MP survey.


1. Have you read the text of the MAI and FSA proposals?
2. What is your position on these proposals?
3. How else are you informing yourself on their implications?
4. Are you informing your constituents on their implications?

MPs will be graded on their MAI responses: from "A" for a complete response
(MP is learning about the MAI and its implications) to "F" if they
deliberately refuse to respond. In other words, we are judging their
willingness to inform themselves and their constituents. Our expectations
of such disclosure compels MPs to more fully consider the interests of
their constituents. 

Survey results on the the MAI and FSA will be publicized nationwide, via
our website http://mai.flora.org. We will also submit a "call for
disclosure" to Minister of International Trade Sergio Marchi signed by
thousands of Canadians, part of our "MAI? Tell us why" campaign to hold
politicians accountable on the MAI and similar proposals. Citizens can
expect authorities to answer: Who would gain? Who loses? It is our civic
duty to say "no" to any government proposal which has not been fully
explained to the public.

We are the MAI-Not! Project with OPIRG-Carleton (520-2757) and OPIRG-Ottawa
(230-3076). For information on other "Speak Out against the MAI" events,
call Jeff Bennie at CUPW, 236-7230, ext. 7911. Join us at our next meeting
on Tuesday, March 17th at 7pm., Room 401 Fauteaux Hall, University of
Ottawa. Visit our website, http://mai.flora.org. 

"Who wants corporate rule?" 
"Who wants to end democracy?"
"M.A.I? Tell us why."
"No answers, no M.A.I!"

Terry Cottam (236-6433)
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