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TUES. MAY 5: Meeting for the Car-free Commuter Challenge

(apologies for duplicate postings)


TUESDAY, MAY 5, 7pm, Regional Headquarters, 111 Lisgar St, Room HR-D

On June 1-5, join hundreds of other car-free commuters in Ottawa/Hull and
other cities, and take the Car-free Commuter Challenge: an environment-
friendly competition that encourages alternative transportation. All you
have to do is walk, bicycle, bus, rollerblade or car-pool to work or
school, and keep track of how far you've gone. 

Reductions in air pollution will be estimated from distance travelled,
resulting in an environmental impact assessment for everyone who has
participated. Last year, 1139 people reduced pollution by about 5 tonnes. 
The event also includes challenges between communities, schools and
workplaces to see who can reduce pollution the most by going car-free.

How can you get involved? Try to get your school or workplace in the
Challenge. This isn't as difficult as it may seem, it may be as simple as
putting up lots of posters, and helping with registration. We are also
looking for volunteers to help with city-wide postering, and data-entry
on the week of the Challenge. 

For more information, come to our meeting on May 5, or contact 234-1223,
<challenge@flora.org> or <http://www.flora.org/commuter/challenge>. 
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