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AVP mini-workshop June 24th 6:30pm

For more info or to tell us you'll be there, call PERC at 230-4590.


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Hey folks,
If any of you out there have been wanting to find out more about what an
Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshop is like, here's your chance!

This Wednesday, June 24th, 6:30-9:30 pm, we will hold an AVP mini-workshop
(think of it as a "taste of AVP"). It's a chance to learn in an
experiential way about conflict resolution and communication. Our May Mini
was quite a success, enjoyed by the 16 participants, and this one should
be lots of fun as well.

The Mini will take place at 91A Fourth Ave (Quaker Meeting House).
Requested donation of $5. If you think you'll be coming or have questions,
give me a call or e-mail. Reservations are not necessary but it will give
us an idea of how large the group will be.


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Krishna Bera                                "Volunteer on the loose"
The Peace and Environment Resource Centre can help YOU get involved!
174 First Avenue,  Box 4075, Station E,   Ottawa, Ontario    K1S 5B1
'go perc' on NCFreenet,   call 230-4590,   http://www.perc.flora.org
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