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More MAI CPAC rebroadcast dates

Sorry for the repetition but here are two more rebroadcast times (CPAC must
be getting high demand to be doing this)

 Constitutional Challenge of MAI (Canada)

 An important press conference, outlining the constitutional
 challenge to the Canadian government's participation in the
 MAI, will be broadcast again on CPAC (Canadian Parlimentary
 Channel).  Check your local listings.  Times shown below
 are Ottawa, Ontario times. 

  Sunday June 21	8:07am to  8:49am
		      20:00   to 20:42

  Monday June 22	7:40am to  8:22am 

Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 22:24:57 -0700
From: CONNIE FOGAL <cfogal@netcom.ca>

June 17,1998


OTTAWA  -   Connie Fogal from The Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee
is in Ottawa with  lawyers Albert Peeling, Rocco Galati, and Manuel
Azevedo to conduct cross examination of a witness for the federal
government on June 18,1998 in the case of  Fogal and the Defence of
Canadian Liberty Committee / le Comité de la liberté Canadienne vs Her
Majesty the Queen et al. 

These concerned citizens want Prime Minister Chrétien, the Honourable
Sergio Marchi, and our government to recognize  that the MAI is
unconstitutional and that the citizens are prepared to take this issue
all the way to the Supreme Court Of Canada to stop our government from
entering the M.A.I. (Multilateral Agreement on Investments). The MAI
derogates the ability of governments to regulate national economies and
diminishes citizens' rights which will result in a whole series of
economic effects prejudicial to the citizens.

The MAI is unconstitutional under Canadian law because it gives
entrenched rights to international banks and foreign corporations
guaranteed by international law which Canadian citizens do not have...
This is contrary to the principle of equality before the law which is
part of the Canadian constitution enshrined in the Charter of Rights and
Freedoms, says Fogal.

This legal initiative is supported by citizens across Canada who are
opposed to the M.A.I. including the People Against the M.A.I. (PAMAI)
from the Toronto area, (representative Ann Emmette), le Comité d'action
non-violente (CANVA) from Québec (representative Philippe Duhamel), and
economist  Michel Chossodovsky who stand with us and will answer
questions after the press conference.

This legal challenge represents an historic action by citizens of Canada.
This is the first constitutional legal challenge to the MAI in any of the
G-7 countries or the 29 OECD States. It raises the issue not only of the
MAI but other treaties and agreements which affect Canadians  profoundly.

Fogal asserts, 
The government of Canada has no authority to sign a treaty without a
mandate from Parliament. To do so is a violation of the fundamental
principles of democracy and representative government... Exercise of
prerogative power must be subject to the constitution.

The constitution of Canada does not belong either to Parliament, or to
the Legislatures; it belongs to the country and it is there that the
citizens of the country will find the protection of the rights to which
they are entitled.

Supreme Court of Canada, AG of Nova Scotia and AG of Canada
For more information, contact Connie Fogal, in Ottawa at Day's Inn
237-9300 or cellular (604)202 7334 through June 21,1998;
thereafter at Tel: (604)687-0588 work, (604) 872 2128 home;
Fax: (604) 872 1504.
Email:  cfogal@netcom.ca

 Bob Olsen	Toronto		bobolsen@aracnet.net   (:-)

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