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Oraganizing meeting to oppose the OECD's "global agenda"

Please distribute widely.

There will be a meeting at 151 Slater Suite 502, 6pm on 
Wednesday, August 2 for those interested in discussing options for 
effectively opposing the OECD's policies of economic imperialism 
during a conference they are holding in Ottawa, October 7-9. Those 
who are fighting for human rights and against the racist, anti-
woman, anti-autonomy economic policies of big business are 
encouraged to attend. This issue affects ALL people.

for more information on the conference: 

for other information, contact ron collins at ron@tao.ca or 236-4103.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 
(OECD) is a group of 'representatives' from the 29 richest countries 
in the world, including Canada.  The OECD has taken the lead in 
such projects as the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI), a 
trade deal that analists say will give corporations powers beyond 
those of the nations (and their citizens) who agree to sign it.  

The OECD is organising a conference at the Chateau Laurier on 
electronic commerce where Donald Johnston (Canada's chief 
negotiator on the MAI) will be speaking along with Jean Chretien, 
and a host of major international Trade, Commerce and Corporate 
players. One of the sessions being held is entitled "The contribution 
of the OECD to the global agenda".  Somehow, the OECD has 
assumed that the interests of the Corporate Elite are the same as 
the interests of the majority of people on this planet who are 
oppressed by these same economic structures.  They seem to 
think that it is perfectly legitimate for 29 men sitting in a room 
(whether it be in Ottawa or Paris) to decide the fate of the entire 
planet and then impose their views without any input from entire 
continents such as Africa and and South America.  We need to 
take this opportunity to stand up to the OECD and let them know 
that we oppose such undemocratic processes.

ron collins
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