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Files to giveaway!

Re:  files - for giveaway	

August 30, 1998
                             Contact: Laurie Gourlay		Box 175, Stn. A
		      (613) 562-1658		Ottawa, Ontario									K1N 8V2

I have about eight boxes of old (1991-94) papers, files & resource materials
to giveaway - just no room for them anymore!

If you're interested let me know - and I'll be in touch by mid-September to
make arrangements.

Any that are left will be recycled shortly thereafter!

 file boxes include:	
  - pollution, pulp mills, recycling ...	
  - forests: Canada, BC, James Bay II, Ontario ...
  - forests, forestry: Clayoquot, Bio-reserves, Canadian policy....
  - nuclear, war & env't, forests (Penan-Malaysia)
  - oil spills, waste masnagement, water, world trade organization
  - multi-lateral development banks, G7, World Bank, ngo efforts...
  - World Bank, Global Env't. Facility, 50 Years Is Enough - ngo efforts...
  - Cdn. Banking Interests, NAFTA-NACE, Free Trade, W. Bank, Int'l.
Financial Inst'ns.

       "All would be better off if each person took into
        account the effect of his or her acts upon others."
    World Commission on Environment & Development
                ~~~ Our Common Future, 1987 ~~~

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                         The Turning 2000 Project
                   Local Initiatives, Global Solutions
        commons@web.net; http://www.turning2000.org
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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