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(Fwd) OECD Action Alert- Pass on!

The next meeting to help organize the event being planned for oct 8 
against globalization (represented by the OECD conference) will 
take place at 5:30pm, 151 Slater #502. All are welcome.



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From:           	adashtgard@canadians.org (Anna Dashtgard)
Subject:        	OECD Action Alert- Pass on!
Date sent:      	Thu, 3 Sep 1998 15:44:05 -0400

OCTOBER 8, 1998 ACTION ALERT OECD Ministerial Conference 
on Electronic Commerce Sometime between 9:00am to 12:00pm 
Outside the Chateau Laurier Ottawa, Ontario  

The fate of 6 billion lies in the hands of 29

Come join us for creative street theatre to make a highly visible 
point about whose agenda this conference serves and what it 
means for the rest of us.   

Call 236-4103 or email ron@tao.ca for more information and to get INVOLVED.
More information to follow.

The OECD states in their conference outline that: "global electronic 
commerce has far-reaching implications for the nature of work, 
daily life and the role of governments.  However, if society as a 
whole is to fully benefit from the opportunities offered by electronic 
commerce, business, citizens and countries will need common 
frameworks to guide it s innovation and growth".  

As we know, the only ones that will control this vital piece of global 
relations (ie. Internet)  will yet again be investors/ corporations!  

Access OECD website for more info. and the list of amazing invitees: http://www.oecd.org

Anna Dashtgard, MAI Campaign Officer
Council of Canadians
Suite 502, 151 Slater Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5H3
Phone: 613-233-2773 Fax: 613-233-6776
Toll free: 1-800-387-7177
Email: adashtgard@canadians.org


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