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NOTICE: Taslima Nasrin's life threatened.

>We have received the following harrowing message from Taslima Nasrin, the
>Human Rights activist  who you will recall met with us when she made a
>presentation to the Human Rights Conference held  earlier this year in
>  In response to her cry for help, we are attempting to contact the
>Bangladesh Embassy and will report later on the results. I would suggest
>that you send a suitable message of support to Amnesty International
>(amnestyis@amnesty.org) who will be able to direct it to the appropriate
>Bangladesh officials. You may also send a message to Taslima indirectly
>through Warren Allen Smith ( wasm@idt.net) 
>Or write to 
> The High Commission for Bangladesh
> 275 Bank St.
> Ottawa , ON
> K1P 2L6
>Phone No. 613 236 0138
> Please post this message on any relevant listservers you know of and/or
>write or contact your local newspaper and other medai outlets. 
>  Colin Downie  , Sheila Ayala  
>           Humanist Association of Canada 
> From Dhaka , Bangladesh
>Date 30th September
> From Taslima Nasrin
> Dear Friends,
> I was desperate to see my mother who is dying. Even though the government
>did not want me to go to Bangladesh, I went. Soon after my coming, the news
>broke that I had arrived. The religious fundamentalists immediately started
>their protests. They are demanding my execution by hanging. More or less
>everyday thousands are out in the streets, making demonstrations and
>processions against me. In the meantime an old case emerged which was filed
>4 years ago for my book Nirbachito Columns, on the charge of hurting the
>religious feeling of the people. The court issued an arrest warrant against
>me and ordered the seizing of my property. This case is non-bailable. I am
>in hiding now, if I am arrested I will be put in prison. If I still try to
>go out to court to bail, nothing is safe for me.
> On the 4th October the fundamentalists will block the Home ministry and
>demand my death. They have already created a general strike in a city
>called Sylhet. The fundamentalists in Bangladesh have planned more future
>action, such as a Long march and a nation-wide general strike to paralyze
>the whole country. If the government fail to arrest and hang me, then the
>fundamentalists have declared that they must kill me.
>  So, in this desperate situation, being with my sick mother, I need
>protection.If the the democratic governments of the world request the
>Bangaldesh government to ensure my security, drop the case issued against me
>and will allow me to leave the country when I want in order to save my
>life, it would be a great comfort to me.
> Thank you for your support and solidarity,
> Taslima Nasrin 
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