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Jane Holtz-Kay lecture on October 21.

                  J a n e  H o l t z  K a y

    [Author of _Asphalt Nation: How the Automobile Took over 
          America and How We Can Take it Back_ (1997) 
            and architecture critic for _The Nation_]

                   Will give a free talk:

                      7:30 to 9:30 p.m. 
                    Wednesday, October 21
                  Regional Council Chambers, 
                      111 Lisgar Street
          (bus routes 5, 6, 14 or walk from Rideau Centre)

(sponsored by Go for Green Canada, Ottawalk, Citizens for Safe Cycling, RMOC
Planning and Development Approvals Department, Auto-Free Ottawa, Transport
2000 Ontario, Regional Councillor Clive Doucet, City Centre Coalition, and 
Communities Before Cars Coalition -- recycled paper supplied by Arbour
Environmental Products; Octopus Books will be selling copies of _Asphalt

                info: Chris Bradshaw, 230-4566


                         Jane Holtz Kay
                        156 Milk Street 
                       Boston, MA, 02109
                 (617) 426-7261; 451-6475 (Fax)

Jane Holtz Kay is architecture/planning critic for The Nation and
author of Asphalt Nation: How the Automobile Took Over America
and How We Can Take It Back (Crown Publishers, 1997 and Univ. Of
Calif. Press, 1998)

Author of _Lost Boston_ (Pantheon, 1986)and _Preserving New England_
(Houghton Mifflin, 1980), she has written for _Architecture_,
_Landscape Architecture_ (critic-at-large), _Planning_, _The Boston
Globe_, _The New York Times_ ("Design Notebook"), and _Preservation_. 

     _WPA Guide to Massachusetts_ (Pantheon), introduction; 
     _A Book for Boston_

Awards and Grants:
     William H. Donaldson Editorial Achievement Award, 1991
        (environmental cover article)
     Jesse H. Neal Editorial Achievement Award, 1988
     Boston Society of Landscape Architects, Award of Excellence, 1986
     Historic Neighbourhoods Association, Preservation Award, 1984
     American Association of University Women, New York, Media
        Award, 1983
     National Endowment for the Arts, design arts fellowship, 1982

Teaching, Lectures, Media:

     Teaching: Harvard, Graduate School of Design; "Issues of
               Place: Community, Conflict, and Architecture,"
               1985-87; Boston University, Communications:
               "Journalism and the Built and Natural
               Environment," 1979-80. 
     Lectures: Kennedy Library, Boston; Harvard Graduate School
               of Design, Cambridge MA; Walker Art Gallery,
               Minn.; Washington University School of
               Architecture, St. Louis; etc. 
     Media:    Booknotes; National Public Radio (Living on Earth,
               All Things Considered); ABC News (Peter Jennings);
               CNN; WGBH (The Group), etc.

Education:     Harvard (Radcliffe) College, bachelor of arts in
               history, magna cum laude

p.s., Also, remind people of the October 28th talk at RMOC (Champlain Room)
by _Great Streets_ author and dean of the Planning School at Univ. of Calif,
Berkeley, Allan Jacobs, also free.

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