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Y2K Expose tonight on Let X = X, 93.1, 6:30-7 pm

Let X = X is CKCU's long-running science show.

This show we look at the fuss over Y2K.

We'll be featuring a double interview, not-quite round table discussion,
:-) called "The Millenial Flu" all about Y2K, with computer scientist 
Russell McOrmond, and community preparedness activist, 
Terry Cottam, on the real problems with the Millenial
bug[s], and what we can do about it.

Join Dan Smythe and I as we try and get to the bottom of questions
How bad is it?
Will it be fixed in time?
Will the lights and power all go out?
What caused the problme in the first case?

TUNE IN at 6:30 to 93.1 and FIND OUT!

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