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Four y2k meetings in Ottawa!

The Millennium Bug -- Year 2000 Computer Problem -- will you be prepared?

What are the causes of the Year 2000 Computer Bug?
Is our community prepared? Are you? Are your neighbours?
What will happen if the lights and heat go out?
What about food, water, security?


Come to one of four upcoming y2k public information meetings:

* Wed 20 Jan 7:30 pm...
* Sun 24 Jan 1:00 pm...
* Wed 27 Jan 7:30 pm...

...at McNabb Community Centre, 180 Percy near Gladstone
Y2K Centretown Preparedness Group; call Terry 236-6433, Paula 725-9651,
Jean-Louis 724-6021, or email y2k-ottawa@inode.org

* Thu 21 Jan 7:00 pm...

...at Wesley United Church, Main St. at Graham and Lees 
Call 567-7814, email sdas@magma.ca
Sukhenda Das, Ottawa East y2k contact

- Learn the causes, possible consequences
- Learn ways to prepare yourself, your family, your community
- Pick up a y2k resource sheet and lots of other information
- Get your community association involved; help set up a y2k block group
- Buy the acclaimed Utne Y2K Citizens Action Guide (save on retail price)
- Buy a 2.5h y2k video packed with credible, sensible advice 
- Ask your city and regional councillor, MP and MPP: "what are you doing
about Y2K?"

51 attended the 14 Jan. meeting at McNabb Community Centre despite a storm
warning. When asked, everyone agreed they had personal responsibility to
take precautionary preparedness actions for their families. How about you?

The Utne Guide is being translated into French -- here's the first article,
"Turning to One Another" http://y2k.inode.org/utne/tourner.htm -- to help,
email y2k-ottawa@inode.org

"Individual preparedness for those who can
 Community preparedness for those who cannot"

We CAN be "Y2K-OK" -- if we work together!

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