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Amnesty Event

> Dear Friends,
> 	At this very moment, someone is experiencing the violation of
> their human rights.  Although this may appear to be an abstract matter, it
> is actually a painful reality for people throughout the world.  many of
> those who experience this reality struggle against their victimization and
> oppression.  Join Amnesty International in our worldwide goal of,
> encouraging people to respect the inherent dignity and human rights of
> every human being.
> 	In pursuit of this goal, the Carleton University Cahpter of
> Amnesty International has organized a confernece addressing human rights
> from a global perspective.   On March 26, 1999 four speakers will gather
> to offer a discussion of their personal experiences in the struggle for
> human rights, as well as suggestions on how you can get involved. 
> 	The speakers will include A.J.V. Chandrakanthan, a professor from
> Sri Lanka who is also the Director for the Centre for Peace and Development
> Studies in Jaffna.  A.J.V.Chandrakanthan has recently delivered papers on
> " The Plight of Tamil Refugees in Sri Lanka", and "The Role of
> Spirituality in our Responses to Human Rights Violations".
> 	Bella Gahlos has travelled throughout the world speaking of the
> oppression and resistance in East Timor.  As an East Timorese woman, Bella
> Gahlos has experienced the lasting impact of East Timor's brutal
> annexation to Indonesia in 1976- an invasion that killed ten percent of
> East Timor's population.
> 	Originally from Nigeria, Diana Wiwa now resides in Canada, where
> she works to foster an awareness of Nigeria's repressive government.  Her
> work also draws attention to the role of Shell Oil in the violation of
> human rights in Nigeria.  The sister-in-law of the late Ogoni activist, Ken
> Saro-Wiwa, Diana Wiwa continues to fight for the perservation of human
> rights.  
> 	A representative from Amnesty International's national office will
> also participating in this conference.  Addressing the organization's
> global efforts, this representative may also speak of the current campaign
> against human rights violations in the United States.
> 	We hope that you will join us for this important discussion on
> March 26, 1999 in the Bell Theatre (Minto Centre, Carleton University).  
> The conference is expected to run from 7:00pm to 10:00pm, during which
> time refreshments will be available.  If you have any questions, please
> contact us at (613) 228-3849 or send an email to
Oakintan@chat.carleton.ca or omo2@hotmail.com.
> 				Thank You,
> 					Amnesty International
> 					Carleton University Chapter

Miss Akintan
Carleton Univeristy
Amnesty International-Carleton University chapter Co-ordinator
Email: Oakintan@chat.carleton.ca

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