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SalvAide 1999 Youth Delegation

SalvAide, is a Canadian based non-governmental organization which supports
human rights and democratic development in El Salvador.  SalvAide is pleased
to announce a ten day experience in El Salvador for Canadian youth this
July.   The delegation is designed for Canadian youth between the ages of 18
and 30 who are interested in learning about the history and politics of the
small Central American country, El Salvador.

Would you be interested in:
- Learning about the political and social history of a Central American country
- Participating in the social and cultural activities of a rural community
- Living with a community and learning about the reality of life and challenges
- Practicing or enhancing your ability to communicate in Spanish

When:  July 2 - 12 , 1999
Where:  El Salvador, Central America
Who:  Eight youth from across Canada
Cost: $2200 to be fundraised by participants

Requirements:  Applicants must be between 18 and 30 years of age, have a
sense of adventure and an open mind.  Personal initiative, motivation and a
willingness to test your limits is also a must.  Further, participants are
also required to fundraise the cost of the delegation and share the
experience with their community upon their return.

Application Deadline:  April 7, 1999

For more information on SalvAide visit our website www.web.net/~salvaide.

For an application package contact SalvAide at (613) 233-6215 or through
email at salvaide@web.net.


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