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chuo-fm funding drive

Just to let everyone know, CHUO-FM89, the radio station of the University
of Ottawa, is currently having its Funding Drive. 

As you know, CHUO, like CKCU, broadcasts many socially progressive
public affairs programmes, that deal with issues of interest to readers of
this list.

Please consider phoning in a pledge, at 562-5967, during the broadcast
times of public affairs shows, so that the station knows there is an
interest in this type of programming. Many (though not all of these shows) 
are heard from 5 to 6 pm. weekdays. They include Kanada's Kapitalisms
(Fridays), Demockery's Demyze (Mondays), and my own Click here
(Wednesdays), as well as others too numerous to mention. Whenever you
pledge, you'll be keeping alternative media alive.

Thanks for letting me beg for $...

Mitchell Caplan
Click here

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