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Conference - Ottawa

University of Ottawa
Conference Against the Criminalization of Youth
Saturday, March 27, 1999, 10:00 am
Montpetit, Room 207, University of Ottawa, 125 University Street

You are cordially invited to the Conference Against the Criminalization of Youth 
which will be held on March 27, 1999 at the University of Ottawa. 

University of Ottawa students from the law, criminology, sociology and other 
departments, along with high school students are organizing the conference to 
discuss how to deal with the growing problem of the criminalization of youth. 
Increasingly, social, economic, cultural and political problems are turned into 
law and order issues. As a result, all kinds of attacks against the youth are 
increasing. University students are being criminalized for defaulting on their 
student loans or for taking political stands such as at the anti-APEC 
demonstration in Vancouver in 1997. The recent Supreme Court ruling which allows 
teachers and principals to search students if they are believed to be breaking 
school rules, plans to introduce a dress code as part of a new code of student 
conduct in the high schools and the reform of the Young Offenders Act are some 
examples of how youth and students are being defined as “troublemakers,” 
“attitude” and “discipline” problems while their rights to an education, 
recreational facilities, a livelihood and their own conscience are denied. 
National minority youth, poor and homeless youth and Aboriginal youth fill the 
jails and the court system. Youth of colour and Aboriginal youth increasingly 
face a “shoot first ask questions later” scenario at the hands of the police. 
The aim of the Conference is to bring youth together to discuss the situation 
and what to do about it.

The Conference will be held in Room 207 in the Montpetit Building, 125 
University Street (corner of Louis Pasteur) beginning at 10:00 am. It will be 
divided into two sessions. The morning session will be devoted to presentations 
by youth on their concerns on the topic of the Conference after which lunch will 
be served. The afternoon session will be devoted to discussion which identifies 
the work the youth decide to carry out to end the marginalization of this issue 
and make headway in defending their rights. A social evening organized by the 
youth will be held in Room 205, University Centre at 7:30 pm. 

Registration is $5.00, lunch included.

We hope you will add your experience and views by joining us at the conference 
and ensuring its success. Let us know if you wish to make a presentation in the 
morning session. 

Kim Roberge
(613) 776-0476
E-mail: 1066143@uottawa.ca
Kevin Corkill
(613) 565-2992
E-mail: kdc9@yahoo.com
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