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Meeting Reminder

Meeting Reminder
People's Global Action - Ottawa is holding a meeting to organize a direct
action against global capital on June 18

When: April 6th, 7:00 pm
Where: 5th Floor, 280 Metcalfe St.

On June 18, people around the world will be taking action to demonstrate
resistance to the corporate-driven trade liberalization agenda.  These
actions will coincide with the G-8 meeting in Germany.  The G-8 is one of
several fora where this trade liberalization agenda is organized by the
few, for the few, at the expense of the many.  Participate in building a
creative, fun and direct action as Ottawa's contribution to this global day
of solidarity.  Help build our capacity for future direct actions.

While this event is being organized as a direct action, this action is not
intended to result in arrests.

For more information, contact Brian Edgecombe at: phone 237-6278; e-mail

brian edgecombe - ottawa, ontario, canada

"We are all bound together by the task that lies before us"
James Taylor

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