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Forget about Earth Day?

No doubt you were occupied on the 22nd of April ("Earth Day"), and you
missed the chance to take part in an activity to pay tribute to the planet's
biosphere . . well, that's okay - there's still:

*** Ecological rehabilitation in action - Oxbow Park Naturalization ***

Should you be interested in the activity and/or project described below, you
can reply to this email and the Naturalization Working Group will keep you
up to date with the group's activities, including more about:

    Plant trees & shrubs this Saturday, May 1 at Oxbow Park
        We will begin in the morning, after 10a.m.
        . . break for a (free) pizza lunch at around 1p.m.
        . . it will be a beautiful spring day !!

Oxbow Park Naturalization Project
    Do your part to promote biological diversity and environmental health
while beautifying the landscape.  Meet other students and members of the
community by getting your hands dirty naturalizing Oxbow Park on the
Carleton campus.

Where is Oxbow Park?
    Oxbow Park is the land bounded by the Carleton greenhouses, Raven Road,
Bronson Avenue and the Rideau River.  It's near those bizzare cement
structures (often called the Carleton Stonehedge).

Aim of the Naturalization Project
    As a means of mitigating past damage to the park, a naturalization
project has been developed with the aim of increasing the numbers and
diversity of its native species.  This will be accomplished through the
rehabilitation of the park, which includes:
    - A portion of wetland,
    - A butterfly meadow,
    - Early-successional habitat,
    - Forest and its understory
Success will be achieved by a measured increase in the numbers of native
flora in the park, which will add to the biodiversity within the Rideau
River watershed and provide lasting benefits to the community.

Who is taking part in this activity?
    This activity is part of the OPIRG-Carleton Naturalization Working
Group, a multidisciplinary team of students from the arts, social and
natural sciences. OPIRG-Carleton is the student-funded Ontario Public
Interest Research Group at Carleton, found in room 326 in the Unicentre.

More info?
- Web: http://www.poboxes.com/ocnwg
- Email: ocnwg@poboxes.com
- And through the coordinators:
    Eric Miller (731 - 6569)
    Shannon Szkurhan (592-7752)


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