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Re: Smash Harris at the Westin

apparently, harris will be at the westin today around 6:15. try to be there
for 5-5:30 if you can.


John Hollingsworth wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Late breaking news is that Mike Harris is in town tomorrow for a
> fundraiser at the Westin Hotel, site of many an anti-Harris demo over the
> past four years.  Ken Clavette of the Ottawa and District Labour Council
> passed on info about a demonstration, probably at around 5:00pm tomorrow,
> that some labour types are trying to organize at this last minute.  (Turns
> out Toronto is full of labour types because of the CLC convention, so
> guess who's coming to town...)
> Even if nothing institutional or official is being organized, I would
> propose that people move on this on their own accord, put the word out to
> your friends and organizations, and we show our opposition to the asshole
> who thinks he runs this province.
> So what do ya think?  5:00pm would be a good time to cause a bit of a
> disturbance.
> See ya tomorrow,
> John
> p.s. If someone is doing something about this and I happened to miss out,
> can they post some info please.
> p.p.s. Please forward to local lists.
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