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reminder - Lubicon organising meeting

Reminder: organising meeting for Lubicon lobby campaign

when: Tuesday, 11 May (tomorrow), 7 pm

where: 237, rue Champlain, apt 3 Hull
(very close to the Museum of Civilisation. from Ottawa, take the Alexandra
bridge, take the first right off the bridge, then take the first left, and
finally take the second left. go up stairs on outside of building to get to
apt 3. wheelchair inaccessible, but help available in manually getting
people in chairs up. bus # 8 from Rideau Centre gets you to Museum of Civ.,

the agenda:

1. general information about the Lubicon Crees and update
2. lobby campaign
3. possible longer term plans

more information: call Mary at 777 3058 mfoster@web.net or Dan at 235 9956

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