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Women Recorders Needed at NAC conference this Friday - $30 per diem

The National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC) is looking for
women to help out at this year's AGM and National Conference being held at
the Palais des Congres (200 Promenade du Portage), in Hull this weekend
(June 4-7).  Specifically, we are looking for Grads and Undergrads willing
to "take notes/record minutes" during the focus group sessions being held on
Friday (most of the day)....

NAC is currently working on a research project to study the impact of
government economic policies (esp. trade and others within the framework of
globalization) on women and women's organizations in Canada.  The focus
groups will be discussing the impacts as well as strategies which women are
undertaking to counter globalization.

There will be an information/training session for Recorders and
Facilitators on Thursday evening at 8pm at the Desert Room A, at the Palais
des Congres.  Please note that NAC is prepared to offer a $30 per diem (for
the Friday) to Recorders as well as the opportunity to attend the rest of
the AGM/National Conference.

Please contact Mariam Abou-Dib at NAC as soon as possible via e-mail
nacco@web.net> or 1-800-665-5124, until Tuesday 5pm; or by telephone at
(416) 985-6203 Wednesday and on......

Thank you.

In Solidarity, Sisterhood & Peace!
Mariam Abou-Dib,
Communications Officer,
NAC,  <nacco@web.net>

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