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Volunteer Partei!

Hey  you crazy volunteers!!!
With the sudden onslaught of the autumn season and the Jewish new year,
volunteer activism seems to be plumetting to an all-time low. The OPIRG
office is often void of any volunteers and i've even noticed Heather wiping
away the tears in her eyes from time to time when she starts talking about
the "good old days."
What's going on Wednesday night from 5:30 to 8 p.m. in B149 Loeb you ask?
It's our first ever Volunteer Partei (formerly known as 'New Volunteer
Night') to cheer up Heather!
(we'll also discuss OPIRG's working groups, including the new Health Care
group, which has been running in cognito up  until now)
So come on down--you'll kaugh, you'll cry, you'll eat free pizza, what more
could one want out of life?
i actually don't know.
so get your nose out of that book, and we'll see you there!!

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