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homes not bombs action nov. 12

on friday, november 12, join non-violent homes not bombs activists and
convert the war dept. to the housing dept.

a non-violent direct action and street festival celebrating alternatives to

enforcing the un building code:  canada has signed a number of united
nations covenants on social, human and economic rights.  until we meet the
needs of people in our communities, we cannot, in accordance with our un
obligations, spend money on military activities.  on november 12, citizen
inspectors trained in non-violence will entrer the war dept. to renovate the
building to peaceful uses.

a civil society street festival:  our spending priorities must reflect our
committement to building a caring, civil society.  on the mackenzie bridge,
outside the war dept. there will be a street festival for day care,
non-violent initiatives, affordable housing, liveable social assistance
levels, health care, accessible education and more.

while part of the day is a "civil disobedience" action, there will be many
roles for people who are not prepared to risk arrest.

everyone participating in the homes not bombs action needs to participate in
a non-violent training session.  the ottawa training session is wednesday,
november 10 from 5 - 10 pm at the university ot ottawa (simard hall, room

we're one week away from the big conversion and there's going to be lots of
work over the next week.

we need voluteers to:

poster this weekend:  mac scott from the ontario coalition against poverty
will be in town saturday at about 2:30 and would like to form a poster crew
to poster for homes not bombs and the ocap action on november 17.  if you
can help with postering, please get in touch with me at: briane@tao.ca

help with food preparation:  we need to cook meals for thursday evening,
friday breakfast lunch and supper.  cooking crews will work in st. joseph's
on thursday.  we also need cooking supplies like pots, knives, spoons etc.
please let us know if you can help.

leaflet teams:  on monday, tuesday and wednesday, leaflet teams will be out
in front of the dept. of war letting workers know of the coming conversion
construction.  you can help by handing out leaflets.

peace and solidarity,
brian edgecombe

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