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TODAY! 2-4pm: Crees speak on Forestry and Saving the Land

Working Our Campigns [OPIRG-Carleton's week long conference] and 
the Dam-Reservoir Working Group of OPIRG-Carleton are pleased to 

		A TALK by:
WHO?	Sam Etapp [Forestry Working Group coordinator]
	Geoffery Quaile [Forestry campiagner]
	with the Grand Council of the Crees of Quebec...

WHAT?	They will speak about the Crees ongoing struggle with forestry 
	giant Domtar and the Quebec gov't, to protect their lands.

	There will be a 45 minute video shown! :)

	Sam is from Mistissini, in northern Quebec [Eeyou].

WHEN?			2-4pm
WHERE?		 	Baker's Lounge, 
			4th floor Unicentre,
			Carleton University

Call 520-2757 for further information.
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