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E-petition for the Rights of Women in Afghanistan


      >I  would ask you to read this and, if so motivated to sign  it.
      >The government of Afghanistan is waging a war upon women.
      Since the
      >took power in 1996, women have had to wear  burqua and have
      >been beaten and stoned in public for not having the  proper
      attire, even if >this means simply not having the mesh  covering
      in front of their eyes.
      >One woman was beaten to DEATH by  an angry mob of
      fundamentalists >for accidentally  exposing her arm  while she
      was driving. Another was >stoned to death for  trying to  leave
      the country with a man that was >not a  relative.
      >Women  are not allowed to work or even go out in  public
      without a >male relative;  professional women such as
      professors, translators, >doctors, lawyers, artists and writers
      have been  forced from their jobs and >stuffed into their homes,
      so that depression  is becoming so widespread
      >it has reached emergency   levels.
      >There is no way in such an extreme Islamic society to  know the
      >with certainty, but relief workers are  estimating that the
      suicide rate >among women,who cannot find  proper medication and
      treatment for  severe >depression and would rather take their
      lives than live in such >conditions,  has increased
      >Homes where a woman is  present must  have their windows
      painted so >that she can never be  seen by outsiders. They  must
      wear silent shoes so >thatthey  are never heard.
      >Women live in fear  of their lives for the  slightest
      misbehavior. >Because they cannot work, those  without male
      relatives or husbands
      >are either starving to death or begging on   the street, even
      if they hold

      >Ph.D.'s. There are almost no medical  facilities  available for
       women, and

      >relief workers, in  protest, have mostly left the  country,
      taking >medicine  and psychologists and other things necessary
      to  treat the >sky-rocketing level of depression among women.
      >At  one of the  rare hospitals for women, a reporter found
      still, >nearly  lifeless bodies  lying motionless on top of
      beds, wrapped in  their >burqua, unwilling to speak,  eat, or do
      anything, but slowly  wasting away. >Others have gone mad and
      were seen  crouched in  corners, perpetually >rocking or crying,
      most of them in fear.  One  doctor is considering, when

      >what little medication that is left  finally runs  out, leaving
      these >women in front of the president's residence as a form of
      protest. It is at

      >the  point where the term human rights violations' has become
      an understatement.
      >Husbands have the power of life and  death  over their women
      >relatives, especially their wives, but an  angry mob has just
      as much
      >to stone or beat a woman,  often to death, for exposing an inch
        of flesh
      >offending them in  the slightest way. Women enjoyed relative
      freedom, to >work,dress generally as they wanted, and drive and
      appear  in  public
      >alone until only
      >1996. The rapidity of this  transition is the main  reason for
      the >depression  and suicide; women who were once educators or
      doctors or
      >simply  used to basic human freedoms are now severely
      restricted   and
      >treated as sub-human in the name of right-wing  fundamentalist
      >It is not their tradition or  'culture', but is alien to them,
      and >it is extreme even for those  cultures where fundamentalism
      is the rule. >Everyone has a right to a  tolerable human
      existence, even if they are
      >in a Muslim  country. If we can threaten military force in
      Kosovo in the >name of human rights for the sake of ethnic
      Albanians, citizens of the
      >world can
      >certainly express peaceful outrage at the  oppression, murder
      and >injustice  committed against women by the  Taliban.
      >STATEMENT: In signing this, we  agree that the  current
      treatment of women

      >in Afghanistan is completely   UNACCEPTABLE and deserves
      >and action by the United Nations and  that the current
      situation overseas >will not be  tolerated.
      >Women's Rights is not a  small issue anywhere and  it is
      UNACCEPTABLE >for women in 1999 to be treated  as sub-human and
      so much as property. >Equality and human decency is a RIGHT not
      a freedom, whether one lives in >Afghanistan  or elsewhere.
      >1) Suzanne  Dathe, Grenoble,  France
      >2) Laurence COMPARAT, Grenoble,France
      >3) Philippe   MOTTE, Grenoble, France
      >4) Jok FERRAND, Mont St Martin,  France
      >5)  Emmanuelle PIGNOL, St Martin d'Heres, FRANCE
      >6)  Marie GAUTHIER, Grenoble,  FRANCE
      >7) Laurent VESCALO,  Grenoble,FRANCE
      >8) Mathieu MOY, St Egreve,  FRANCE
      >9) Bernard  BLANCHET, Mont St Martin, FRANCE
      >10) Tassadite FAVRIE,  Grenoble,  FRANCE
      >11) Loic GODARD, St Ismier, FRANCE
      >12) Benedicte  PASCAL,  Grenoble, FRANCE
      >13) Khedaidja BENATIA, Grenoble,  FRANCE
      >14) Marie-Therese  LLORET, Grenoble,FRANCE
      >15) Benoit  THEAU, Poitiers, FRANCE
      >16) Bruno  CONSTANTIN, Poitiers,  FRANCE
      >17) Christian COGNARD, Poitiers, FRANCE
      >18)  Robert  GARDETTE, Paris, FRANCE
      >19) Claude CHEVILLARD, Montpellier,   FRANCE
      >20) gilles FREISS, Montpellier, FRANCE
      >21) Patrick  AUGEREAU,  Montpellier, FRANCE.
      >22) Jean IMBERT, Marseille,  FRANCE
      >23) Jean-Claude  MURAT, Toulouse, France
      >24) Anna  BASSOLS, Barcelona, Spain
      >25) Mireia  DUNACH, Barcelona,  Spain
      >26) Michel VILLAZ, Grenoble, France
      >27) Pages   Frederique, Dijon, France
      >28) Rodolphe FISCHMEISTER,  Chatenay-Malabry,  France
      >29) Francois BOUTEAU, Paris,  France
      >30) Patrick PETER, Paris,  France
      >31) Lorenza RADICI,  Paris, France
      >32) Monika Siegenthaler, Bern,  Switzerland
      >33)  Mark Philp, Glasgow, Scotland
      >34) Tomas Andersson,  Stockholm,  Sweden
      >35) Jonas Eriksson, Stockholm, Sweden
      >36) Karin   Eriksson, Stockholm, Sweden
      >37) Ake Ljung, Stockholm, Sweden
      >38)  Carina  Sedlmayer, Stockholm, Sweden
      >39) Rebecca Uddman, Stockholm,  Sweden
      >40)  Lena Skog, Stockholm, Sweden
      >41) Micael Folke,  Stockholm, Sweden
      >42)  Britt-Marie Folke, Stockholm,  Sweden
      >43) Birgitta Schuberth, Stockholm,  Sweden
      >44) Lena  Dahl, Stockholm, Sweden
      >45) Ebba Karlsson, Stockholm,   Sweden
      >46) Jessica Carlsson, Vaxjo, Sweden
      >47) Sara Blomquist,  Vaxjo,  Sweden
      >48) Magdalena Fosseus, Vaxjo, Sweden
      >49)  Charlotta Langner,  Goteborg, Sweden
      >50) Andrea Egedal, Goteborg,  Sweden
      >51) Lena Persson,  Stockholm, Sweden
      >52) Magnus  Linder, Umea ,Sweden
      >53) Petra Olofsson,  Umea, Sweden
      >54)  Caroline Evenbom, Vaxjo, Sweden
      >55) Asa Pettersson,  Grimsas,  Sweden
      >56) Jessica Bjork, Grimsas, Sweden
      >57) Linda Ahlbom   Goteborg, Sweden
      >58) Jenny Forsman, Boras, Sweden
      >59) Nina  Gunnarson,  Kinna, Sweden
      >60) Andrew Harrison, New  Zealand
      >61) Bryre Murphy, New  Zealand
      >62) Claire Lugton, New  Zealand
      >63) Sarah Thornton, New  Zealand
      >64) Rachel Eade, New  Zealand
      >65) Magnus Hjert, London, UK
      >67)  Madeleine Stamvik,  Hurley, UK
      >68) Susanne Nowlan, Vermont, USA
      >69) Lotta   Svenby, Malmoe, Sweden
      >70) Adina Giselsson, Malmoe, Sweden
      >71)  Anders  Kullman, Stockholm, Sweden
      >72) Rebecka Swane,  Stockholm,Sweden
      >73) Jens  Venge, Stockholm, Sweden
      >74)  Catharina Ekdahl, Stockholm, Sweden
      >75) Nina  Fylkegard, Stockholm,  Sweden
      >76) Therese Stedman, Malmoe, Sweden
      >77)  Jannica Lund,  Stockholm, Sweden
      >78) Douglas Bratt
      >79) Mats Lofstrom,   Stockholm, Sweden
      >80) Li Lindstrom, Sweden
      >81) Ursula  Mueller,  Sweden
      >82) Marianne Komstadius, Stockholm,  Sweden
      >83) Peter Thyselius,  Stockholm, Sweden
      >84) Gonzalo  Oviedo, Quito, Ecuador
      >85) Amalia Romeo,  Gland,  Switzerland
      >86) Margarita Restrepo, Gland, Switzerland
      >87)  Eliane  Ruster, Crans p.C., Switzerland
      >88) Jennifer Bischoff-Elder,  Hong Kong
      >89)  Azita Lashgari, Beirut, Lebanon
      >90) Khashayar  Ostovany, New York, USA
      >91)  Lisa L Miller, Reno NV
      >92)  Danielle Avazian, Los Angeles, CA
      >93) Sara  Risher, Los Angeles,  Ca.
      >94) Melanie London, New York, NY
      >95) Susan  Brownstein ,  Los Angeles, CA
      >96) Steven Raspa, San Francisco, CA
      >97)   Margot Duane, Ross, CA
      >98) Natasha Darnall, Los Angeles, CA
      >99)  Candace  Brower, Evanston, IL
      >100) James Kjelland, Evanston,  IL
      >101) Michael  Jampole, Beach Park, IL, USA
      >102) Diane  Willis, Wilmette, IL, USA
      >103)  Sharri Russell, Roanoke, VA,  USA
      >104) Faye Cooley, Roanoke, VA, USA
      >105)  Natalie Edwards,  Charlottesville VA USA
      >106) Cyndy Williams, Charlottesville,  VA  USA
      >107) Donna Hall, Lynchburg, Va USA
      >108) Robin Hinkle,  Lynchburg, VA  USA
      >109) George Vass Venice, FL USA
      >110)  Martha Ferris, Moncks Corner, SC  USA
      >111) Teresa Smith, Charleston,  SC, USA
      >112) Terry Longo, Orlando, FL,  USA
      >113) Charlotte  Downs, Orlando, FL, USA
      >114) Laura M. Connaughton,  Orlando, FL  USA
      >115) Ronit Doran, Tel Aviv, Israel
      >116) Hagar Ronen, Tel   Aviv, Israel
      >117) Yael Ronen, Jerusalem, Israel
      >118) Councillor  Rev Ewan  Aitken
      >119) Rev Angus R. Mathieson
      >120) Rev T. Alan  W. Garrity
      >121) Rev  William G. Neill
      >122) Rev Robert P  Bell
      >123) Rev John Stevenson
      >124)  Rev.Dave  Robinson
      >125) Rev. Robert Seipolt
      >126) Mrs Kerry  Seipolt
      >127)  Brouss Ironbark Chambers, God's Squad Melbourne,
      >128) Holmesy,  Melbourne Australia
      >129) Lauren  hogendoorn, Melbourne, Australia
      >130)  Kelly Caldwell, Melbourne,  Australia
      >131) Elisha Flint, Albury,  Australia
      >132) Amanda  Matusch, Adelaide, Australia
      >133) Susan Powell,  Adelaide,  Australia
      >134) Brian Hanisch, Adelaide, Australia
      >135) Trent  Lay,  Adelaide, Australia
      >136) Benjamin Lewis, Adelaide,   Australia
      >137) Matthias Tomczak, Adelaide, Australia
      >138) Kim  Watson, Townsville, Australia
      >139) Linda Lawyer, USA
      >140) Roberta  Newman, Charlotte, NC, USA
      >141) Ann-AdOOe Lloyd, Asheville, NC,  USA
      >142) Victor Greentree, Neotsu OR USA
      >143) Charles Schultz,  Berea, KY USA
      >144) Elizabeth Cozzo, Berea, KY USA
      >145) Ruth  Shields, Tokyo, JAPAN
      >146) Aki Orimoto, Melbourne, Australia
      >147) Kumiko Yukawa, Melbourne, Australia
      >148) Ishiva Malga, Melbourne, Australia
      >149)  Lincoln Siliakus, Paris, France
      >150) Simon Neville & Louise Duxbury, Denmark, Australia
      >151) Kim and Marianna Greenham, Denmark, Western Australia
      >152) Kym Sandover,Albany Western Australia
      >153) Richard Sandover,Cottesle Western Australia
      >154) Barbara Aukim, Kingsley, Western Australia
      155) Natalie Aukim, Heathridge, Western Australia1551
      156) Anne Cook, Leederville, Western Australia
      157) Pat Cambridge Western Australia
       158) Julie Watson, Western Australia
      159) Theo Vanderpol, GA, USA
      160)  Simona Zavrelova, PTC, Georgia, USA
      161)  Jordan Alexander, GA, USA
      162)  Simona Dajko, GA, USA
      163) Veronika Polanska, Vancouver, BC, Canada
      164) Lucie Polanska, Vancouver, BC, Canada
      165) James Richardson, Vancouver, BC, Canada
      166) John Fyssas, Vancouver, BC, CANADA
      167) Conrad Helten, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  168)Carleen Lay, Vancouver, BC, Canada
        169) Scott Rogers, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
        170) Leslie Bolt, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
        171)  Angela Simo Brown, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
        172) Linda Luneau, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
        173) A. Kareen Jackson, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
        174) John Jackson, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
        175) Daniel Jackson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
        176) Brenda Jackson, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
        177) Kahlil Cappuccino, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
        178) Joanna Jackson, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
        179) David Shapiro, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
        180) Alison Toye, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
        181) Tara Hamilton, McDonald's Corners, Ontario, Canada
        182) Ella Hamilton, McDonald's Corners, Ontario, Canada
        183) Adjala Hamilton, McDonald's Corners, Ontario, Canada

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