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FW: Youth Sustainable Consumption Challenge (fwd)

Subject: Youth Sustainable Consumption Challenge (fwd)

>> To all Canadian youth interested in promoting sustainable consumption!
>> "Since 1950 the global economy has nearly quintupled. The consumption of
>> grain, beef and mutton/lamb has all but tripled, and the same for water,
>> while paper consumption has risen six times. The combustion of fossil
>> has grown nearly four-fold, and carbon emissions likewise. Some of this,
>> e.g. consumption of water and paper, could become sustainable through
>> greater recycling, but much of the rest cannot be made sustainable with
>> current and foreseeable technologies."  Our consumption oriented economy
>> culture is a extremely important issue that needs to be addressed. The
>> Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA) in partnership with the United Nations
>> Environment Programme is concerned about current unsustainable
>> patterns and we are ready to do something now.
>> EYA is a non-profit charity dedicated to improving our urban environment.
>> Some of our work consists of environmental construction, energy/climate
>> change models, and urban water stewardship project that educate through
>> hands-on experience. We have created greenspaces that reintroduce native
>> plants back into the city and gardens that can be used by community
>> to grow food. We believe that youth are the cornerstone of our community
>> we promote this through programs focused on enhancing youth community
>> involvement.
>> EYA in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Program is
>> beginning a project called the 'Sustainable Consumption Challenge', which
>> centered around promoting awareness of sustainable consumption in Canada.
>> Sustainable consumption means using, disposing, and transforming
>> in a way that minimizes harm to the environment, while supporting the
>> being of people.  The project will invite youth (up to and including
>> of age) from across the country and from all walks of life to tell us
>> they are doing and what ideas they have to encourage sustainable
>> in their community.
>> There are two categories to the challenge. The first will be examples of
>> projects or activities that youth are doing in their community which best
>> demonstrate what they believe to be sustainable consumption. The second
>> be ideas that youth have on how all Canadians can consume more
>> All entries will be peer-evaluated and there will be $1500 in prizes for
>> winners.
>> The final result will be Step Lightly: Youth Action on Sustainable
>> Consumption, a booklet that will include the best practices and ideas of
>> youth on sustainable consumption.  There will be a special section to
>> highlight the winners of the challenge. We will also include the best
>> practices from other youth around the world participating in theUNEP
>> Youth Sustainable Consumption Strategy. Information about and contacts
>> the Youth Round Table Advisory group to the Minister of the Environment,
>> Canadian Environmental Network youth caucus, the United Nations
>> Programme Youth Advisors, Environment Canada, and all the profiled
>> participants will be available in the booklet.
>> This booklet will not only profile the projects and ideas of young
>> but will also provide a wonderful resource and inspiration for youths
>> interested in starting their own projects.  The project will also raise
>> awareness of consumption as a key environmental issue, bringing the term
>> 'sustainable consumption' into people's vocabulary.  The booklet will be
>> able to be used as a fundraising tool for individual groups and will
>> hopefully help us to find funding for the best ideas.
>> To make this project happen we still need a few things, some of which you
>> may be able to help us with.  They are:
>> CONTACTS    We will be sending out a package containing much more
>> information on sustainable consumption, this project, and will have an
>> application guide inside. More importantly, we need people to send this
>> package to! Please give us the names and contact information (including
>> e-mail addresses) of any people or groups that may be interested in
>> any part in this project. We want the booklet to be all inclusive and
>> appreciate as many contacts as possible.  As well, inform us if you or
>> group would like to receive your own package.
>> EVALUATORS    An evaluation committee will be compiled of a small group
>> youth who have had significant experience with sustainability issues and
>> not representing organizations that are participating in the challenge.
>> other words, evaluators are not eligible for prizes, but will have a
>> place in the booklet. Preference will be given to those who are
>> A FRANCOPHONE CONTACT   This person will carefully evaluate francophone
>> submissions based on the evaluation criteria and will also review
>> submissions.
>> We hope you choose to participate in the 'Sustainable Consumption
>> or at least help us out by providing us with contact names. If you need
>> more information or to send us contact names, EYA can be reached by
>> (604) 689-4463, or by fax, (604) 689-4242.
>> Sincerely,
>> Sara Wickert,
>> On behalf of Karun Koernig,
>> Direct all correspondence to:
>> unepyac_canada@hotmail.com
>> Environmental Youth Alliance
>> PO BOX 34097 Station D Vancouver BC V6J 4M1
>> Phone 604 689 4463
>> Fax 604 689 4242
>> The UNEP Youth Advisory Council was created to link UNEP more closely
>> youth ENGO activities on the ground in countries all over the world.
>> Currently there are over 40 associate advisors, and a core group of 12
>> advisors who make decisions about coordinated international activities.
>> Karun Koernig (of Environmental Youth Alliance) is one of the twelve
>> advisors (two from each region), who is in this core group of advisors.
>> At the 1999 governing session, where all the ministers meet to give UNEP
>> direction for the next two years, UNEP YAC decided to ask for a concrete
>> youth mandate to be added to UNEP's workplan. The proposal that was
>> was the "Global Youth Strategy for Sustainable Consumption."
>> The Global Youth Strategy for Sustainable Consumption is being launched
>> simultaneously in 25 countries in mid-December 1999. The purpose of the
>> strategy is to:
>> -  investigate the role of youth in promoting sustainable consumption,
>> -  engage a global process of consultation on this topic,
>> -  set-up actions to promote sustainable consumption among youth.
>> The role of youth in reaching sustainable consumption patterns is
>> because:
>> - youth make up a distinct consumer category, its nature requires a
>> different approach than the so far adopted in sustainable consumption
>> activities;
>> - a large portion of family consumption is directly or indirectly
>> by youth;
>> - youth must be considered as tomorrow's consumers, the consumption
>> and desires acquired today will influence their adult life style, hence
>> future global consumption patterns.
>> In order to meaningfully address environmental issues it is important to
>> look at the consumption (or demand side) of development. Both in
>> and developing countries perceptions of desirable consumption patterns
>> greatly affect the future patterns of production. Consumption and
>> can be two sides of one coin, however most of the worlds attention has
>> focused on policies and measures to change production patterns without
>> looking at underlying assumptions about consumption behaviour.
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