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(Fwd) World Trade Watch Radio

CKCU Radio's Special Blend will be broadcasting daily reports from 
Seattle next week. Needless to say, this is not the same 
information that you'll see in the National Post.

Plans are to broadcast 30 minutes each morning at 7:30 AM.


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Title: World Trade Watch 5-part special

Food, air, clothes, money, the environment, working conditions, 
democracy... All are affected by decisions of the World Trade 

WORLD TRADE WATCH will provide Live Radio coverage from the 
historic World Trade Organization summit in Seattle November 29-
December 3, 1999 More Details below and at (510) 251-1077.  

Trade and globalization have become driving forces in international 
politics. Critics charge that the World Trade Organization, which 
regulates global trade, is using its power to override national and 
local laws concerning food safety, working conditions, and 

Thousands of people from international environmental, labor, and 
consumer groups, will also converge on Seattle to raise issues of 
great concern to community radio listeners.  

Veteran radio journalist Julie Light and syndicated columnist 
Norman Solomon will be in Seattle to co-host World Trade Watch. 
These daily radio programs will be available free to all non-
commercial radio stations Daily, Monday through Friday, November 
29 - December 3, 1999  

WORLD TRADE WATCH will be ideal for immediate broadcast (live 
or tape-delayed). The program will also be suitable for broadcast 
weeks later. To maximize flexibility for stations, the daily 59-minute 
program can also air as 29-minute modules. Stations will be able 
to cut away for news headlines.  

INTERNET BROADCAST QUALITY: Obtain same-day broadcast 
quality (MPEG) feeds via the Internet at www.radioproject.org. If 
you’re not already geared up to take broadcast quality sound off of 
the Internet, call World Trade Watch (510) 251-1077, and we can 
walk you through it.  

TAPES to stations the following week by special arrangement. We 
could priority mail you tapes to Canada on Dec 7.  They would get 
you by Dec 11. We are making the programs free via Satellite and 
Internet. However, since we are a small non-profit production group, 
we'd like to ask stations who must be mailed tapes to make a $20-
$40 donation, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. (We 
want these programs to be heard!) If you're able, donations should 
be to the "International Media Project/WTO" 830 Los Trancos Rd. 
Portola Valley, CA 94028.    

WORLD TRADE WATCH will include animated and wide-ranging 
discussions of trade and globalization issues through:  

* INTERVIEWS with farmers, lawmakers, industry and trade 
representatives, environmentalists, human rights observers, 
indigenous activists, and concerned citizens from across the U.S. 
and around the globe,  


* FEATURES with first person accounts of how WTO rulings are 
affecting peoples’ lives.  

community radio listeners international voices and independent 
perspectives on the events and issues surrounding the WTO.  

"U.S. Laws Diluted by Trade Pacts: Ruling stir criticism across the 
political spectrum" - front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, 
July 24,1999  

Why are liberals and conservatives alike concerned about the 
WTO’s erosion of national sovereignty?  How has the WTO ruled 
on genetically engineered food, intellectual property, dolphin-safe 
tuna, and clean air laws. Why are companies such as Microsoft 
and Boeing rolling out the red carpet for international trade 
representatives?  World Trade Watch provides some answers and 
useful information.  

WORLD TRADE WATCH broadcasts are a co-production of: 

* the National Radio Project <Www.radioproject.org>, which 
produces the weekly public-affairs program "Making Contact" heard 
on 150 public radio stations. NRP also produces specials such as 
"Unconventional Coverage," live feeds from the 1996 Democratic 
and Republican national conventions;  

* Corporate Watch <www.corpwatch.org>, an Internet magazine 
and resource center.  

* the Institute for Public Accuracy <www.accuracy.org> a 
nationwide consortium of researchers and public policy experts 
seeking to broaden public discourse on important issues.  

National Radio Project 
1714 Franklin Street, Suite 100-251 
Oakland, CA 94612 

For more information call (510) 251-1077 
email: wtw@radioproject.org

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Barry Rueger
CKCU Radio Carleton Inc.
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