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Biotech/GE Foods - Tell the CBC about labelling


CBC/TV Marketplace aired a piece on Genetically Engineered food last week - 
in particular it looked at  'voluntary' labelling - and exposed it for the 
sham it is!  At the conclusion of the excellent broadcast - CBC asked 
Canadians to partipate in their labelling survey.  See the summary of 
the program on their website (above) and find the survey at the link 
for  "Tell us how you feel.....".

(The site is very slow by modem - you may want to turn off images, first.)

Basically, they want to know whether people think labelling of GE food 
should be  mandatory - or just voluntary (what Monsanto and its friends 
want)!  Please take a few seconds  and particpate in the survey!!

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