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action to support Lubicon Cree and defend our rights

Action to defend our rights and support the Lubicon Lake Cree First Nation!

On 11 and 12 January, the Friends of the Lubicon are back in the courts.
Daishowa is trying to overturn the Ontario court decision that people in
Ontario have the right to organise a boycott of Daishowa products. At the
same time, Daishowa has entered into a contract with a forestry company
holding the logging rights to an area which includes Lubicon traditional

What are the consequences of this kind of suit for our ability to carry out
effective political work? Why is Daishowa appealing a ruling on a boycott
that no longer exists? Does Daishowa intend to respect its public commitment
not to cut wood or buy wood cut on Lubicon traditional territory until a
land rights settlement is in place?

Join Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity and Amitié Lubicons-Québec in a picket of
Daishowa's sales office on

10 January 2000

in Ottawa, gather at 8:30 am at 153 Laurier Ave. East for free
transportation to Ville St-Laurent (west of Montreal)

to reserve a seat, call 819 777 3058 before 8 January (leave name and
telephone number, please)

We are asking Daishowa to drop the appeal immediately and re-affirm its
commitment to stay out of Lubicon territory until Lubicon concerns are met.

for more information in Ottawa-Hull, contact Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity at
819 777 3058 or mfoster@web.net

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