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Colombia Slide/Video Presentation - February 17

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Subject: Colombia Slide/ Video Presentation

Finding Peace Amidst Civil War in Colombia

World Inter Action Mondiale (WIAM) and OPIRG-Carleton are 
co-sponsoring the visit to Ottawa of two accompaniers from Peace 
Brigades International (PBI). They will give a 90 minute slide and 
video presentation on their recent experiences in Colombia. This 
event is part of a twenty city cross-Canada tour. You are invited to 
attend and to pass the word around.

Returned volunteers Evelyn Jones and Steve Law spent eight months 
working at building peace in an area wracked by paramilitary 
violence. Together with other PBI team members they published reports 
on the local human rights situation, engaged in extensive public 
relations work with the Colombian government and foreign ambassadors, 
and provided "protective accompaniment" to community based 
organizations threatened by political violence. In December Steve was 
in Ottawa testifying to the human rights tragedy before the federal 
Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

Media interested in interviewing Steve Law and Evelyn Jones can reach 
them on their cell phone at (416) 568-8210.

The venue for the event on Thursday, 17th February, 7pm is:

The Auditorium, 2nd Floor
St Paul's University
223 Main Street
Ottawa, Ontario

For further information contact Colin Old at (613) 238-8910 or (819) 997-6737

"People who fight may lose. People who do not fight have already lost."
                                                         - Bertolt Brecht
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