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May Day in Ottawa - Quarantine the Rich

May Day 2000 in Ottawa - Join the Peoples' Health Action Team and Quarantine
the Rich

A non-violent direct action to stop the greed virus from spreading

Unless the rich (the corporate rich as embodied in the business council on
national issues) agree to our demands, the peoples' health action team will
erect a quarantine checkpoint to contain the greed virus and keep it from
spreading into working class neighbourhoods.

the business council on national issues is a body made up of chief executive
officers of leading corporations with offices in canada.  the are a natural
incubating ground for the greed virus as they have been very influential in
directing canadian trade policy and domestic social policy.

we demand the following from the bcni:

1. that they undertake a program through which profit-making corporations
will withdraw from areas of economic activity related to the provision of
goods and services which meet basic human needs (ie., all profit-making
corporations would withdraw from business activities in the areas of food,
shelter, health, education and natural resources); and

2. that the reduced work week be introduced without any reduction in income
to the existing workforce; and

3. that a bcni policy recommendation on the withdrawl of canada from the
current world trade organization trade in services negotiations be brought
forward to the government of canada.
for more information and to get involved, leave a message at 594-5286 or
e-mail: briane@tao.ca

next meeting:

thursday, march 23rd,
7:00 pm,
280 metcalfe st. (corner of gilmour and metcalfe)
What is the Greed Virus?

The greed virus is an illness of society that afflicts the rich.  In our
communities and around the world, we are divided between the haves - the
rich and the have nots - working people and the poor.  This division is no
accident, it is a social disorder which results when one group of people
unfairly take from or profit from another.  The rich contract the greed
virus from taking what is not theirs - profits from the labour of workers
all around the world.

Why is the Greed Virus Dangerous?

The greed virus places workers, people living in poverty and the planet
itself in tremendous peril.  Resources which rightfully belong in the hands
of people who truly need it are, instead, squandered on the excesses of the
rich and their real-life versions of the board game Monoply.

Working people and the poor are robbed of important resources which can be
used to create jobs, provide quality health care and education, and put food
on the table and a roof over their heads.

Workers create enough wealth through their labour to reduce the average work
week while still earning the same wages, thereby creating good paying jobs
for scores of unemployeed.  But instead of less work for all of us, the rich
want more work from the rest of us because it means more profit for them.

How can the Greed Virus be Stopped?

We can bring an end to this dreaded disease by making changes in our
communities to eliminate the social disorder which feeds the greed virus.

We are calling on the Business Council on National Issues to implement a
program of capital divestment in all areas related to the provision of goods
and services which meet the basic needs of human beings.

Using its membership base, the BCNI can begin a program of cleansing which
will purge the greed virus from the rich and restore justice to our

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