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Oxfam workshops

From: Victoria <vgibb-carsley@canadians.org>
To: Armand Cote (E-mail) <beauco@istar.ca>
Sent: January 21, 2000 12:53 PM
Subject: E-poster for Oxfam workshops to send to Local Chapter

Why do some countries have so much debt?
Is there enough food for everyone?
What do gender and culture have to do with development?
How can you make a difference?

The Ottawa Chapter of Oxfam Canada presents:


Introductory workshops on Development Issues

Eight interactive evenings, Tuesdays at 7-10 P.M.
Location: Rm. 125, Simard Hall, 135 Waller St., Ottawa

(registration at 6:30)  Feb 15 What is Development?
Feb 22 Gender & Culture
Feb 29 Globalization
March 7 Education
March 14 Activism & NGOs
March 21 Debt & Structural Adjustment
March 28 Food Security
April 4 Sustainable Development

Fee: $40 (Waged), $20 (Student/Unwaged)

To register or find out more, contact:
* Oxfam at 237-1698 ext. 277
* localott@ott.oxfam.ca

An Oxfam Canada production (www.oxfam.ca)
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