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Brewster Kneen event

Genetic Engineering and the Secret Life of "Codex"

a lecture by world-renowned Canadian author and activist,
Brewster Kneen

Wednesday, May 10, 7:30 pm at
Rideau Branch - Ottawa Public Library
377 Rideau Street (downstairs meeting Room)

* Everyone Welcome
*  Donations accepted   ($5 or more appreciated to cover costs)  *  Door prizes

Brewster Kneen is author of many books, including: "Farmageddon: Food and
the Culture of Biotechnology." He is a founder of the Canadian movement
against  genetic engineering. He also publishes "The Ram's Horn," a monthly
newsletter on food and agriculture.

For more information, call Lucy Sharratt at the Sierra Club at 241-4611, or
email webish@cyberus.ca.

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