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OPIRG-Carleton Naturalization planting day May 13, 2000

OPIRG-Carleton's Naturalization Working Group is having its annual planting
day on May 13, 2000 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m..
All are welcome!

Meet us at Oxbow Park on Carleton University campus.  Oxbow is part of the
soccer field that is located along the Rideau river next to Bronson Avenue
behind Carleton's greenhouses.  To get there, on Carleton campus (bus routes
4 and 7), follow University avenue to Elba Greenhouses (opposit Robertson
Hall), turn down Raven road and enter the parking lot to the right.
Continue in the direction of the river to the soccer field.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

We will supply rubber gloves and tools as needed, but if you have your own
gloves, a shovel, a bucket or planting tools, bring them along.  We suggest
wearing long pants and boots for planting.

Contact OPIRG-Carleton for more details: 520-2757

OPIRG-Carleton Naturalization Working Group
  Web: http://www.poboxes.com/ocnwg
  Email: ocnwg@poboxes.com
    Eric Miller or Valerie Bernard


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