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Measuring Well-Being Act

Tuesday, May 16th at
7:00 p.m. in Room 307 of
the West Block on Parliament Hill.

Dear Friends of Sustainability.

	When the Joe Jordan MP's "Canada Well-Being
Measurement Act" was tabled in the House of
Commons on April 5th, the 7th Generation Initiative
campaign officially began.  The ultimate goal is to have
long term interests thoroughly integrated in the
decision making process.  There are several steps we
can take to get there, the first of which is Mr. Jordan's
Bill C-469.

	This notice is going to people who have
expressed interest in the Initiative.  We hope you will
join us in looking at the opportunities Bill C-469 and
the 7th Generation Initiative offer.  Bring a friend and
any ideas you might have for using these
opportunities, locally or nationally. There is room for
any person or organization to get involved and much
to be gained through cooperation.

	The meeting will be on Tuesday, May 16th at
7:00 pm in Room 307 of
the West Block on Parliament Hill.

	Joe Jordan and myself will be there to answer
questions.  We hope you will join us.

	Details about the Act and the 7th Generation
Initiative can be found at:

		Yours,  Mike Nickerson
		Coordinator, 7th Generation Initiative

ps.  If anyone would be willing to make four or five
phone calls to inform people without regular email
contact, please send me a note at your first

	What we count and what we measure signifies
what we value.  When all we count is monetary
transactions (GDP), talk about environmental quality
and social cohesion does not produce action.  When
we legitimize other factors by measuring and reporting
on them in our core measure of progress, they become
visible.  That visibility, in turn, enables anyone to see
how policies and actions affect the measures and
encourages decision makers to pay attention to them.

Sustainability Project
(613) 269-3500


	If you agree that a GDP-guided economy and
GDP-justified political system are not adequate
to provide for human needs, we have cause for cooperation.

	The 7th Generation Initiative aims to establish
ways of measuring progress which include:
economic inclusion, the recognition of unpaid work,
involvement in decision making, opportunities
for personal development, biodiversity, long-term
management of renewable and non-renewable
natural resources and pollution.

	Are you with us?

See the "Measuring Well-Being" link at:

The "Canada Well-Being Measurement Act" is posted at:

Sustainability Project - Inviting Debate
P.O. Box 374, Merrickville, Ontario
K0G 1N0
(613) 269-3500
e-mail:  sustain@web.net
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