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Fw: We Camp by CHOICE, Peacful Demonstration (fwd)

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                     Palestinian Refugees
                           52 years
                    AND SUFFERING CONTINUES

 Peaceful Demonstration
 On Parliament Hill Monday May 15, 2000 at

 Four Canadians camp on Parliament Hill
 To demonstrate against the existence of the Palestinian
 Refugee Camps in the past 52 years

  "We camp by Choice, they don't"

 Organized by
 The Middle East Discussion Group, Carleton University

**Please do your best to be there between 2-5:00pm om Monday (its the prime
time of the event)**

Speakers include John Asfour, President, Canadian Arab Federation; Mark
Assad, MP, Libby Davies, MP.

>P   Mohamad Barakat                            S
>E    Coordinator                               A
>A      Carleton Volunteer Centre                       L
>C         Carleton University                          A
>E       Email address: mbarakat@chat.carleton.ca               M
>-----                                                            -----
>     As much as we believe in God, we believe that we will return!

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