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TODAY: Save our Seniors -Mock Grad - Media event

Hello friends,

You are cordially invited to a "Mock Graduation" for senior citizen students
at Carleton.
WHERE/ WHEN: Tuesday (tomorrow) at 1pm behind Robertson Hall on Carleton

This event has been organized by CUSA and the GSA to honour the contribution
of senior citizens students AND to send a loud message that students at
Carleton are calling on the Board of Governors to overturn their decision to
begin charging senior citizens tuition! BECAUSE: otherwise most seniors will
be unable to continue their studies.

We NEED YOU - come out and show your support.

- at Carleton there are 135 senior citizens students, only 12 are full-time
- only full time students qualify for most financial aid (e.g. OSAP and
Carleton scholarships)
- seniors are not going to hold a job upon completion of their degree
- this new policy will not generate revenue for the administration and most
senior students will not be able to access financial aid
THEREFORE: this tuition policy will  mean seniors are unwelcome and unable
to attend classes

- the median income of a senior citizen in Canada is $16 000 (1998)
THEREFORE: seniors cannot afford to pay tuition,
(of course there are seniors who are well-off - but that is irrelevant as
those seniors generally had the chance to attend university when they were

- students and community groups are outraged!
Here are some supporters: GSA, CUSA, CUASA (Faculty Association), CUPE 4600
(TA's and Sessionals), CUPE 910 (maintenance workers), CUPE 1281(service
centre staff), USWA 5297 (Campus Security), the Ottawa and District Labour
Council, Libby Davies (Federal NDP-education critic), Inez Berg (City
Councilor), Council of Canadians (national & Ottawa chapters), Council on
Aging (local seniors organization), One Voice (national seniors
organization), The Ontario Coalition of Senior Citizens Organizations
(representing 500 000 seniors), Canadian Federation of Students,

-a petition of 600 signatures (gathered in 4 days!) has been presented to
the Board, the Board will respond at the next meeting Thursday May 25th at

- the administration argues this is in the name of equity.... WHOSE IDEA of
Equity is this????
Equity means treating everybody fairly, not treating everybody exactly the
same.  In cases of inequality, achieving equity means raising the standards
of the group that is disadvantaged, not taking away others' advantages.
Seniors are the lowest income group eligible for a degree;furthermore, they
will not get a job after they graduate.  To make them equal with other
students is to take away their opportunity entirely. That's not equity!

 COME OUT AND SHOW your support!!!

(if you can't make it - please come to the BOARD of govenors meeting
Thursday at 4pm - 6th floor Robertson Hall)

For more info please call: Jess at 520-2600 x1715


Jess Turk-Browne

Jess Turk-Browne
VP-External, GSA
Carleton University
520-2600 x1715

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