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join us in action against the hamilton war show

on saturday, june 17th (this weekend) homes not bombs - ottawa will join
other homes not bombs activists from across the province and the hamilton
father's day coalition in a non-violent civil disobedience action against
the heavily militarized hamilton air show.

by its own account, the hamilton war show has become a spectacle of military
force.  There are war planes from recent conflicts and an obscene children's
event call kiddi commando.

vans will be travelling to hamilton from ottawa on friday and returning
saturday evening and sunday.  The last van will leave ottawa friday evening
around 6:00 pm and the first van will return from hamilton late saturday

It's not too late to reserve a seat for yourself.  Contact brian edgecombe
at 237-6278.

there will be a FINAL PREPARATION MEETING ON WEDNESDAY, june 14th at 7:00 pm
in the 5th floor boardroom at 280 metcalfe st.  we will be reviewing the
principles of non-violence which will be practiced in this action.  we'll
also be working through the role of our own affinity groups.


we also need to complete our giant puppets which we will be using to
participate in the alternative festival of life.  come out wednesday night
to get involved at the last minute.

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