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Fw: Launch Announcement: Canadian Alliance Spoof Site

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From: Mike Gifford <mike@openconcept.on.ca>
To: <opirg@carleton.ca>
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2000 7:42 AM
Subject: Launch Announcement: Canadian Alliance Spoof Site

> Hello Everyone,
> If you are worried about the further shift to the right in Canadian
> politics, please check out the following site:
>          http://www.canadianallianceparty.net/
> This is a spoof site, but it is based on actual quotes from the Canadian
> Alliance/Reform Party.  From policy statements, speaches & other
> recorded comments.
> The other neat thing about this new site is that it is entirely
> interactive.  If you've got a link you'd like to add, or a quote that
> you'd like to see posted, you can become a contributor to our
> collection.
> Please feel free to forward this note to people who are outraged by the
> Canadian Alliance Party.
> Mike
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> Mike A. Gifford OpenConcept Consulting
> Mike@OpenConcept.On.Ca http://www.OpenConcept.On.Ca
> Web Design, Hosting, Graphic Design & Site Promotion
> Featured Site -->  http://www.canadianallianceparty.net

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