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Tue. Aug.22 - If you're downtown in Ottawa . . . .

when? 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, Tuesday, August 22 (tomorrow)
where? Sparks St Mall, between Bank and O'Connor
what? signature collection on letters in support of the Lubicon Cree
                    (look for our tent/marquee)

If you happen to be downtown tomorrow, please drop by to sign a letter to
Indian Affairs Minister Nault asking him to reinstate social assistance
funding for all Lubicon Lake Indian Nation members, wherever they reside,
until the Lubicons have a settlement which provides them with reserve lands
and the basis for economic development. We aim to collect 500 letters to
send the Minister by Friday. The Lubicons are faced with a threat which will
help to undermine their population base and is due to go into effect on 1
September - one week from Friday.

more information:   http://www.tao.ca/~fol 
(this includes a direct fax link to Minister Nault if you can't make it
tomorrow) or Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity; tel 777 3058; email mfoster@web.ca

   Katherine Gunn	             kgunn@cyberus.ca             Ottawa, Canada
       <<    Comfort the afflicted, but afflict the comfortable    >>

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