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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Canadian Muslim and Arab Alliance endorses NDP candidate Heather-jane Robertson

Dear OPIRG list members:

For those of you who live in the riding of Ottawa Centre, and who have not 
yet decided how you will vote, here is a bit of news that may be of interest 
to you.

The Canadian Muslim and Arab Alliance of Ottawa this weekend gave its 
endorsement to Ottawa Centre NDP candidate Heather-jane Robertson.

The Alliance stated that Heather-jane Robertson, "strongly supports UN 
Resolution 1322 and Palestinian right to self determination.  She strongly 
condemns Arab and Muslim stereotyping in the media and hate mongering of any 

As for Liberal incumbent Mac Harb, the Alliance stated that, "when queried 
on Arab and Muslim issues, Mr. Harb commented, 'I have no position in terms 
of Middle East issues and I think it should be put aside since we cannot 

Please forward this messsage to anyone who you think might be interested in 

Michael Vickers
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