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[OPIRG-EVENTS] tuesday, feb. 13: opirg-carleton forestry meeting

The next meeting of the Forestry Group is taking place at Irene's Pub on Bank
(885 Bank, between Landsdowne and Fifth Ave.) in the Glebe, on Tuesday February
13th at 7:30pm.

See ya there!

Jess & Mike

OPIRG's Forestry Group raises awareness about threats to the boreal
forest, through letter writing, culture jamming, bringing in speakers and
staging protests. Alternatives to logging are also promoted including
the use of industrial hemp and tree-free paper.

Upcoming plans include a day tour of significant local forests, a
photocopy campaign to encourage Carleton students to use both sides of
the page when using the school's photocopying facilities and a sticker
making workshop. Come out and join us if you care about Canada's
forests and would like to get involved in protecting them!

For more information call OPIRG-Carleton at 520-2757.

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