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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Mon.Apr.30 - Fair Trade Coffee show

Get the right buzz!
             Monday April 30th  - 7 pm

Come and find out how your choice in coffee can make you feel great. 
Normand Roy from Équiterre's  A Just Coffee campaign will be showing 
slides and explaining how fair trade can improve the lives of the farmers 
who grow your coffee.

About the Speaker

As an international volunteer in Guatemala, Normand Roy helped a group 
of local coffee growers get their produce into the fair trade market, and 
learned about all aspects of coffee production and trade - large and
He's also lived and worked with coffee growers in Mexico and Brazil. 

Équiterre is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ecological, 
socially just choices. Despite efforts to date, fair-trade coffee is still not 
widely known, so this 20-city tour has been organized. It aims to foster 
public awareness of the impact of consumer choices on the life of 
peasant farmers of the South, using the example of the coffee trade, 
and to present fair trade as an instrument for change. 
Come and find out more!

Presented by Équiterre, Bean Fair Coffee and 
TransFair Canada.  

7 p.m. Monday April 30th 
Quaker Meeting House, 91-A 4th Ave. near Bank 
(819) 459-2653. 

Sponsored by The Wild Oat
Bank at 4th Avenue

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