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[OPIRG-EVENTS] EVENT: OXFAM Benefit at Climax on June 8

What are you doing on Friday night? Feel like coming
to a benefit? I have just the one for you to attend..

On Friday June 8th at the Climax Bar 130 George St.,
(the old Molly McGuire's) the Junkyard Symphony band
will be doing a benefit concert for
OXFAM Canada. 6$ at the door, band opening at 10pm.

Bring your friends and family; tell your neighbors and
your coworkers. The more people the merrier and the
more it will benefit both the band and OXFAM. This
will be good clean fun and you will find the band not
only excellent and interesting but also very original.
To find out more about the Junkyard Symphony go to  

After the end of the first set (around 11 - 11:30pm),
a representative from Oxfam Ottawa's Local Committee
will do a short presentation about current activities.

Blaine Mohninger

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