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Re: [OPIRG-EVENTS] Where to send your submissions for "Call forsubmissions to anti-globalization anthology"


		Mission Statement

  This list-server has been created in order to assist Ottawa's
activist community in both publicizing their events and learning about
upcoming events that are being organized by others.


   It is intended to be a means to send notices of actual events to a lot of
people quickly. A certain amount of meta-information is permitted, but is
generally discouraged.

   We would ask that you limit your postings to those events that would
be specifically of interest to progressive activists in the region.
   These events would tend to be those that take an explicitly progressive
political perspective.

   It is alright to post notices of social events which you feel would
be of interest to Ottawa's activists (e.g. fundraisers, concerts,
picnics and coffee houses).
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