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[OPIRG-EVENTS] OCAT Public Meeting July 24, 7 PM (fwd)


**Public Meeting**

The Long Retreat is Over!
Join the Fall Campaign of Economic Disruption

Hear the recently jailed OCAP organizer talk about how unions and
social justice organizations across the province are joining the fall
campaign to attack the Harris government

John Clarke
Organizer for the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)

Other speakers: TBA

The economic disruption campaign is a response to many issues that
Water privatization
60 hour work week
Attack on health and safety
Killing Dudley George
Cuts to health care
Deregulation of environmental protection
Cuts to social services
Tuesday, July 24th
7 - 9 pm
Ottawa Public Library Auditorium; 120 Metcalfe St.
(Corner of Laurier & Metcalfe close to Elgin & #5 and #14 buses)

Five years under the Harris Tories has made on thing clear: we are
all targets.  Whether it is privatizing water, forcing workfare on
Indian communities, gutting health care and labour standards, or
slashing affordable housing-this government remains determined to
oppress, steal wages and let people go hungry out of its negligence
and greed.

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty has called for a fall campaign
of economic disruption to stop this government from enriching
themselves and their business friends on the backs of poor, the
working poor and those fortunate enough to make a living wage.

Anti-poverty organizations, unions, first nations communities and
others are quickly joining this campaign to hit the Tories where they
will most feel it-their wallets!  Attend this panel discussion to
hear more and to raise questions.

Organized by the Ottawa Coalition Against the Tories a new group of
Ottawa area activists which has formed to work in solidarity with
OCAP, the labour movement and other organizations to fight the Harris

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