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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Critical Mass, Friday 27th of July

Critical Mass
Friday 27th of July at 5:15 pm.
Near the fountain of Confederation Park
(Confederation Park is at the corner of Laurier & Elgin)

At Critical Masses, people gather together to ride through the city
using sustainable methods of transportation, mostly cycling but also
skateboarding, rollerblades, etc. The goal of the event is to promote
these sustainable mothods of transportation as  viable solutions to car
related problems, including destruction of sense of community and air pollution.
"As Canadians we can proudly say we are represented by officials who
want to force developing countries to solve the problem we created,
enforce flexibility mechanisms that will mean we can buy other countries
efforts to reduce emissions instead of doing it ourselves, and who think
planting trees and injecting C02 into the ground are viable ways of
dealing with the problem. [...] Disgusting"
- Climate Change Caravan

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