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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Save Lac Leamy

Greetings everyone,
As you may know, a coalition of community groups
from both sides of the Ottawa  River is doing
battle to protect Leamy Lake Park in Hull.  This
note is addressed to all who have an interest in
this issue, that is, are opposed to the
construction of a golf course in Lake Leamy Park,
a significant ecological area located in Hull,
Québec. The web-site: 


provides a lot of information about the park.

I would like to ask you to print out a copy of 
the Petition (French at the moment, but English 
available shortly) at the following site: 

to sign it and to ask others of your acquaintance

to do so as well (friend, neighbour, work 
colleague, etc.)  I thank you in advance for
circulating as many copies as you can.  Your
action will be greatly appreciated.  The
objective is to collect more than 50,000
signatures.  Quite a challenge... but we can do
it.  If you wish to discuss this matter further,
please contact me at the e-mail address below.
Thank you very much,
 Gérard Desjardins
 Club des ornithologues de l'Outaouais
 Responsable des projets spéciaux
 Tél.: (819) 682-1717  Téc.:(819) 682-6177

or Gerhard Bruins

email: bruinsg@em.agr.ca

Tel: (613) 759-7646 Fax: (613) 759-1190

"Gerhard Bruins" <BRUINSG@EM.AGR.CA>

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