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                           AFRICA on PBS

AFRICA, the magnificent eight-hour series presented by Thirteen/WNET, New York's
Nature series and National Geographic Television, will premiere on Public
Broadcasting Service, Sunday, 9 Sept (8 p.m., EDT; check local listings) and air
on consecutive Sundays through 28 October.  

These two critically acclaimed production units have collaborated to create a
landmark television event, unprecedented in its treatment of historical and
contemporary Africa -- illuminating the continent's cultures, religion, art,
history, ecology, and wildlife. Vast, startling, gorgeous, astounding in its
diversity, Africa is probably the most complex and intriguing continent on

Yet few [North] Americans have any real grasp of Africans, their cultures, and
how their lives are shaped by the land they inhabit.  AFRICA will be the first
series to provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the African
continent and the context needed to assess critical current events.  

"While we often hear about Africa in the news, it's usually in a context of
corruption, warfare, disease and famine," says co-executive producer Jennifer
Lawson.  "With this series we have set out to do something different; to look
beyond the statistics and the calamities to find the human pulse of Africa.
From Addis Ababa to Zanzibar, we travel throughout the continent."  

Through the dramatic stories of real people, audiences will learn how Africa's
cultures, traditions, lifestyles, and economic opportunities have been
influenced by its diverse and often challenging regional landscapes.  From the
Great Rift Valley and the Sahara Desert to the Great Lakes and the Swahili
Coast, AFRICA will reveal a nation of infinite complexity and trace its evolving
relationship with the environment.  

AFRICA Series -- (check local listings)

-- The Beginning (The Rift Valley).     Sunday, 9 Sept

-- Life and Death in the Sahara (North Africa). Sunday, 16 Sept

-- Shadows in the Rainforest (the Congo Basin). Sunday, 23 Sept

-- Fortress of the Sacred (The Horn). Sunday, 30 Sept

-- Ghosts of the Sahel (The Sahel).    Sunday, 7 Oct

-- Legends of the Lakes (The Great Lakes). Sunday, 14 Oct

-- Secrets of the Swahili Coast.       Sunday, 21 Oct

--Southern Treasures (Southern Africa).  Sunday, 28 Oct


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